Sunday, December 30, 2012

Last Casts

2012 went out with a bang. 

My last day on the water for this calendar year turned out to be one of the best, simply put.  Big browns were chomping streamers. 

Yes Sir.
Don't tell the fish but it's supposed to be winter.  I guess it was one of those cases of being in the right place at the right time and by happens stance, picking the right fly. 

And Another.
It was darn cold today.  Though when you are catching fish, chipping ice out of the guides every 10 or so casts, and losing feeling in your fingers suddenly doesn't bother you as much.

That's why it's hard to shoot line.
A Face Only A Mother Could Love.  Which one you ask?  I don't want to know.
In a year where big browns were noticeably hard to come by, at least for me, courtesy of botched casts, missed hook-ups, break-offs, etc.  I was lucky enough to land several such fish just today.  The stars must have been aligned or something like that.  Maybe it has to do with the whole Mayan calendar, who knows.  At any rate, I'll take it

Silver and Gold.  Is it too late for Christmas analogies?

Turns out my last casts of 2012 were some of the best ones.  Here's to 2013!   
Wishing everyone a safe and happy new year.  


  1. Nice!!! You just inspired me to get out and fish tomorrow.

  2. Simply awesome, my blogging friend! This is an addiction that just keeps calling you back. Big browns, and, big streamers!