Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 In Review

Thought I would throw together a little recap of the year.

2012 was year one in the life of Bum Trout, and if 2013 turns out to be anything like the previous year, well that would be just fine.  First off I want to thank all who have followed the blog over the past year.   

The idea for Bum Trout all started in April, after meeting the good folks from False Casts and Flat Tires (Stan, Zach and Anthony), Where the Water Leads (Alec), and Oak Fish (Cody) during a chance February encounter at the Craig campground on the Missouri.  Hanging out and fishing with these guys sparked my interest in starting my own fishing blog.  Thanks for the inspiration fellas.  Since then I have had the good fortune of getting to know this unruly bunch of anglers, good people and all around fish catchers.

I will attempt to highlight some of the more memorable trips, moments and fish of 2012.

May - Smith River Trip

The last week of May marked my first trip down the Smith River in central Montana.  During the course of the 5 day float many great fish were caught.  The highlight of the trip however, definitely had to be the breathtaking scenery, great company and ridiculously amazing food!  I can't wait to get back on the Smith again this year.


June - Salmonflies

2012 produced one of the biggest salmonfly hatches I have seen since I have lived in Montana.  Even though I never personally had what you could call an "epic" day during this hatch.  Seeing that many big bugs was really something.

Summer - Small Streams

This summer I found some amazing cutthroat water and spent many, many afternoons throwing dries and catching some gorgeous fish.  This is the fishing I love the most and in 2012 I had some darn good small stream days to remember.

All Year - Missouri River

This year I spend a bunch of days on the mighty Mo'.  Days well spent.  Caught some beautiful fish, and met some great folks including Ivan of Yukon Goes Fishing.  The highlight fish was this brown, taken right at dark, skinny water, last cast.

August - Carp

When I wasn't driving a combine during wheat harvest, I was attempting to figure out the carp game.  In 2012 I actually started to experience somewhat consistent success. Well, at least I didn't get skunked on my handful of carp outings.  This was an improvement from my past couple years of fumbling around and spooking fish.

September - Mayfly Craziness

With the false cloud cover provided by the many fires in western Montana, the mayflies responded with consistent, prolonged hatches.  This brought the big fish to the surface on the Bitterroot and Clark Fork Rivers almost daily.  One of the best trico seasons I've seen in a while.  Had a lot of fun taking shots at big, super spooky risers.

Fall - Brown Trout on Streamers 

Fall brought on some very fun days throwing big streamers and sticking a few good fish.  I was fortunate to get to fish a lot more with Alec, and got to know Chris of the blog Vermont Trout Bum.  Looking forward to more trips with these gentlemen.

And of course the year ended rather nicely with what might be my biggest browns of the year coming only a couple days ago.  See the post Last Casts.  

All in all, 2012 treated me very well.  Looking forward to 2013.  I want to thank everyone who has taken the time this year to check out the mostly bad photography, poor grammar, and ramblings of mine.  I appreciate all the follows and comments that I have received in this first year.  Looking forward to a great 2013.  Thanks again and happy new year!

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  1. Awesome pics. Looks like it was a pretty sweet year.