Bum Trout is a western Montana fishing blog filled with plenty of fish stories, grip and grins, ramblings, half baked philosophy, lackluster fishing advice, and mostly poor photos from in and around Montana's trout infested waters. 

Like the name implies, Bum Trout is here for all you financially strapped trout bums out there.  Our waders leak, floating lines no longer float, and we have never spend more than fifty bucks on a fly reel.  Our trips to the fly shop are never complete without thoroughly rummaging through the clearance bins first.

What I think we share with all trout bums is a love for running water, seeing the rise of a big fish, and feeling a large brown trout crush a streamer.  This blog is for all who's greatest passion involves standing in a river and waving a stick.

Ninety percent of our angling time is spent within an hour of home.  Here at Bum Trout we believe in the value of community, sense of place, and time spent on the water with friends.

Hope you can tolerate like what you see.  Thanks for visiting. 

Tight lines.

- Bob

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