Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Bum Gear Review - Airflo PolyLeader

All Bum Trout gear reviews are unbiased, honest, and nobody pays me to say anything.  I wish somebody would though....  

I'm usually not into doing gear reviews.  I'm not a big gear junky, my waders leak, I buy most of my fly lines from the fly shop bargain bins, etc... But every once in a while I find a product that I really like.  Enter the Airflo PolyLeaders. 

Now I have a bunch of sink tips of varying lengths and sizes, and one 300 grain full sinking line.  Now I love the full sinker for fishing from a boat on a big river like say the Missouri, Yellowstone, or Madison, but for wade fishing it's just too cumbersome.  Since the line likes to sink, I end up spending as much time untangling it from around my feet and rocks as I do actually fishing.  That's why you have sink tips right?  Correct, but one problem I have with un-tapered sink tips is how clunky they are to cast.  This is where the PolyLeader enters the game.

Airflo PolyLead Review
Guaranteed to Please
In my opinion Airflo really scored a home run with their sinking PolyLeaders.  They come in 5' and 10' lengths, and are available in a bunch of sink rates.  I have been using the 5' Super Fast Sinking PolyLeader lately for all of my wade fishing and can honestly tell you I love it.  The tapered design (just like your regular dry fly leaders), casts like a charm, and sinks fast enough to get the fly down and keep it there. 

Airflo PolyLead Review
Pick Your Flavor
I find the sink rate to be just right for wade fishing, you aren't hanging up in the rocks on every cast, and the 5' length still allows you to throw a mend in the line if needed.  With a simple blood or surgeons knot, attach 12-18 inches of 2x flourocarbon tippet and you are ready to go.

For $8.99 you can buy a couple of them.  Oh, and one will last you all season.  Not bad.  Find out more on the Rajeff Sports website:

Cheech's Leech
A Perfect Pair.  Courtesy of Western Flies and Guides Fly Shop. 


  1. Very interesting, look forward to taking a look at these leaders. Do you think they would be effective for fishing smaller streams?

    1. Yes Mel. I have been fishing a lot of braids and side channels of the river lately and many of them fish just like a small stream. I know these leaders would be super effective for small water, you may have to get one that has less of a sink rate that what I have. Just so you know, most of the water I have been fishing in is 3-5ft. deep. I like these leaders because they land really soft, which is nice on small water. Hope that helps.

  2. I fish the clear intermediate and couldn't be more happy with them.. great post!

  3. Thanks for checking out the blog. I will have to try the clear intermediate, I bet the 10ft leader is great for still-water fishing.