Monday, July 23, 2012

Up Top - New Video From the Headhunters

The boys from Headhunters fly shop, Caleb Garrett and and Travis Whitfield have put together this tasty film highlighting the ridiculous dry fly fishing that exists currently on the Missouri.  I was at the Mo several days ago and Caleb kindly invited me along for an evening float, more on that later when I have some time.  Harvest is full swing in central Montana and we are going hard!  Until then, enjoy the video.  Props go out to the crew at Headhunters, be sure to stop in whenever you are at the Mo.  The coffee is always hot, and free.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Creek Time

         Too much water and too little time for posting.  That has been the story lately.  We are blessed in Montana with so many wonderful creeks and streams that are loaded with the most beautifully colored fish anywhere.  In most of these mountain streams you won't find many folks fishing, and the trout rarely sport any sort of hook scars (unlike the big rivers).  Solitude, beauty, and fish ready and willing to rise to the dry fly are the reasons some of us every year can't wait for creek season.

Bull Trout on a Dry Fly, Life is Good!
Golden Trout?  Nope, Just a Westslope Cutthroat
        A buddy and I got to go fishing on one of our favorite creeks last week and each of us landed about a dozen bull trout each, along with scores of cutties.  It's great to know that the bullies are doing well somewhere.  If you happen to catch a few, treat them gently, each one is a treasure!

Another Bull, Handle with Care
One More Beautiful Cutty
Rocks from the Basement of Time
        These creeks are truly special.  All you need to feel 9 years old again is a few flies, some 5x tippet, Gink, and a little light rod.  In recent years a have preferred to fish a Tenkara rod (Perhaps a post on this topic later?). My 12ft. Iwana from Tenkara USA has been the absolutely perfect rod for me on these small streams.  If you haven't yet given Tenkara a try, I would highly recommend it.  I have found that it simplifies everything, as well as allowing you to hit every pocket on a stream without any trouble.  The first time I fished Tenkara I couldn't help but laugh at the ease in which I was getting perfect drifts in what was before difficult water.  Simply put:  It's a whole lot of fun!


Hope that your summer is going well.  Do you self a favor and become 9 years old again by visiting your favorite creek.  Long live summer.