Friday, February 21, 2014

Montana Fly Fishing Magazine - February/March 2014 Edition

The latest issue of the Montana Fly Fishing magazine in now live.  I'm proud and happy to say that this month's cover shot happens to be one of mine!  You can also read some of my thoughts on nymph fishing in this month's issue.  I'd like to once again thank the good folks at Three Forks Publishing for giving me this great opportunity.
My half-baked theories and ramblings aside, there is a bunch of stellar content in this issue featuring:  The Bozeman Reel Company, Austin Trayser, Matt Guymon, Korey Kruitbosch, and Taylor Todd to name a few.     
 Clicking on the link will take you there, and as always, it's free to all.  Montana Fly Fishing Magazine