Friday, November 16, 2012

Breathe - New Film by RC Cone on F3T Theater

I was just in the middle of watching for free, the full length film entitled Breath from filmaker RC Cone.  I had to stop and write a post because two minutes into the film, I see my buddy Denny Mac on screen discussing fishing and hooking into a nice rainbow.  This is a great sequence, and I can honestly tell you there are few folks in this world more sincere and genuine than Denny.

OK, now I'm going to watch the rest of the film................

I'm back.  Great stuff. Loved the story, the locales, cinematography, the message, everything.  The story is a nice reminder of why we fish, it's about getting away from all the junk in life, but it's more than that to.  The title couldn't be more fitting, when you go fishing you can breathe, let go of whatever gets you down and find some truth.  If you fly fish, you know what I mean.  Best of all, from November 16-24 the next week you can watch it for free at the Fly Fishing Film Tour Website (F3T).  Check out the trailer below

Breathe. from RC Cone on Vimeo.

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