Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Films - Winter Pursuits

It's January.  As I write this, snow is lightly falling and the mercury tells me it's about 15 degrees out.  Typical winter day in Montana, and I love it. 

Winter is the season that most folks hang up the waders and patiently wait for spring.  Around here that means Skwala season and dry flies.  For the person that can't go more than a few days without being near moving water. Winter - frozen fingers, shelf ice, and everything else that goes with it is merely an inconvenience.

Winter fishing also has it's own simple joys.  For starters you are usually alone.  It's quiet.  And in Montana, winter has a stark beauty that at times can be truly breathtaking. This weeks edition of Friday Films brings in some footage that hopefully highlight the soul of the winter fishing season.

One in Winter from ryan peterson on Vimeo.

Eastern Idaho Water from Kevin Emery - Life is Fly on Vimeo.

Winter Fly Fishing in Colorado from RA Beattie on Vimeo.


  1. Thanks for sharing those. One in Winter has me excited to return to the Pacific

  2. Great blog, and nice pics!!
    I link your blog.

  3. Robert...ROCKED IT! Thanks for sharing. Amazing action! Almost made me want to put down my nymphing rig and grab a dry fly! Nice site!