Monday, January 7, 2013

Cheech's Leech Fly Tying Tutorial Video

So here is my first attempt at doing an HD fly tying video.  I figured out afterwards that I should have not had the camera so zoomed in.  Oh well, that's how you learn.  Hope you can at least follow what I am doing.  Next time will be better, promise.

In recent years articulated patterns have become a mainstay in fly shop bins, and fly boxes across the country. The reason is that articulated patterns just plain work. One of the better articulated streamers I've fished in recent months has to be Clark Pierce's deadly Cheech's Leech. This fly has all the ingredients of a big fish catcher. It swims great, has a lot of flash and movement, and presents a realistic bait-fish silhouette when wet.

The beauty of this fly is that it is actually quite simple to tie and doesn't require a lot of exotic materials. This makes it easily possible to tie it in a wide range of colors. The techniques required are nothing new to most tiers, if you can make a dubbing loop, then you can tie this fly.  Happy tying.
Materials - Olive Version
  • Two #4 2x long streamer hooks such as the Tiemco 5262
  • Olive Polar Chenille
  • Olive Simi Seal dubbing
  • Any .38mm, 15lb. nylon coated stainless steel micro-wire such as Flex-Rite (available at most craft and bead shops).
  • Two clear orange or red 6mm plastic beads
  • .25 lead or non-lead wire
  • 7/32” 1/30oz plated lead eyes
  • Olive/green barred Sili Legs
  • Olive marabou

The Finished Product


  1. Great tie, Robert. I've been wanting to try some articulated patterns you make it look very straight forward. I'll have to pick up some new materials (wire, beads, chenille and dub) and will give it a go.

    Great blog!

  2. Nice tie and video. That should work here in the Ozarks!

  3. You did a very nice job with your video. I like simplicity of all the techniques and the pattern itself just screams "Eat Me"!

  4. Robert,

    Nice job on the fly, and I'm glad it fishes well for you! There are just a few things different about yours and the original, but your tie will work great. I have recently been in the studio filming as well. I'm going to put a link to your blog on my blog Happy tying.

    Clark (Cheech)