Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lazy Sunday

A brief and more than likely grammatically terrible description of the day.
Got up late.  Made some breakfast.  Glanced at Moldy Chum.  Slammed a pint of coffee.  Tied some flies.  Read a few fellow blogger posts.  Took a gander at some fish pics circulating the inter-web. 
Went fishing. 

 By dumb luck, happened to run into a few friends on the river.  Tied on a streamer.  Made some casts.  Stuck a cut-bow.  Took some pictures.

Laughed a lot.  Watched some birds.  Frozen fingers.  Should have worn another coat.  It isn't 37 degrees today.  They said it was supposed to be 37 degrees today.  Waders leak, I really start to notice.  The dog's definitely having the most fun.   

Livin' the Life.

Switch to nymphs.  Slip on the shelf ice.  Nobody sees me, I'm temporarily safe from humiliation.  Catch a small brown.  My buddy catches a bigger one.  Take more pictures.

The camouflaged wonder with a mighty fine "feesh".  
Release said brown.  Take more pictures.

Sit and shoot the breeze for a while.  Watch some more birds.  Watch some deer.  Make a few more half-hearted casts.  Lose my rig on a tree branch.  Call it a day.  Walk back to the car.  Happy to be alive.  Watch the snow showers roll over the mountains.  Soak in a few minutes of sunshine.    

Watch the sun go down over the Bitterroots.  Go home.  Make Chili.  Eat Chili.  Perfect day. 

The End.


  1. Sounds about right. I liked this staccato post.

  2. Cool shots and some nice fish.

  3. Nice post and love the photos! Love your four legged fishing partner

  4. Robert, why mix a lot of words in just to make a point. You did just fine grammatically. Visually it is a knockout post. Hey, received my "Bum Trout" sticker today. Thanks, much.