Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Films - Mighty Mo' Edition

The Missouri river is a special place as anyone who has fished it will tell you.  We all know there are lots of fish, and big ones to boot, but part of the Mo's allure to me at least has to be the people.  Craig, MT has to be one of the few places on earth that smelly, unshaven, dirt poor trout bums can truly feel at home.  Whenever I spend a few days in Craig I always come away with a few new friends, and a couple good stories.  You can't beat the culture, especially in the winter, when the only people in town are either locals, hardcore trout bums, or both. 

Whether you're standing around a good fire at the Craig campground, swapping stories with a bunch of likeminded fly fishermen, sampling the fine cuisine and nightlife at Joe's, or pounding coffee during the morning's ritualistic visit to Headhunters, you always run into lots of friendly, interesting, and sometimes straight up crazy folks.

An impending trip to the Mo' got me in the mood to dig up some of my favorite videos on the river.  First up, Spring Training by the crew at Headhunters Fly Shop.  Besides  serving as the cultural and spiritual hub of Craig, these guys put out more than a few good articles, videos, and tips on how to fish the Missouri.  They tell it like it is, and are eager to help you catch fish, I appreciate that.

Spring Training from scumliner media on Vimeo.

Next up we have the trailer from Shartail Media's fantastic film Sipping Dry.  This video highlights the big reasons why we love the Mo.

Last but not least we have a film by 406 Productions.  Plenty of big fish footage for all.

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