Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Films

So this is an attempt at a weekly post series. We'll see how long that lasts.  In the middle of a 14 day streak of not fishing, my longest of the year.  One has to fill the gap somehow.

Every Friday during these wintry months I will be bringing you a few (mostly) fly fishing related videos that have captured my attention lately.  So relax, grab a pint or two of eggnog, settle up next to the space heater fire, and enjoy.

First up is a little tongue-in-cheek video by our friends across the pond, Jazz and Fly Fishing.  These fellas have somehow managed to successfully marry my two greatest passions in life (Jazz and Fly Fishing if you couldn't guess), into one seemingly viable economic venture.  Besides being stellar Jazz artists, this crew can straight up fish, and they have plenty of footage to prove it.

This is their hilarious Shadow Casting video.  Love it.  Now if only they ever need a saxophonists...

 Next on the docket is a little piece from the local boys over at Big Sky Trouting.  They've been at it for a couple years now and their videos don't disappoint.  They definitely know where a lot of big fish reside, and certainly manage to catch their share. 

Finally we have for you a piece by the guys of Montana Wild.  I am a big fan of what they have been putting out as of late.  Great quality.  This video makes me yearn for those long summer days, and hours spent fishing small water.  


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