Thursday, June 28, 2012

Your Weekly Fly - Stanish UG Bug

Summer is upon us and that means dry flies.  More specifically, on our unruly Montana freestone rivers and creeks, this means attractors.  In recent years I have sought to find a few patterns that can do it all just by changing size and color.  Nymphs such as the venerable Copper John and Prince nymph fit the bill for subsurface action, how about dries?

Enter John Stanish's UG Bug.  UG stands for Utility Guide and that's exactly what this sucker is.  Tie it in bigger sizes and you got a stonefly, in a 12-14 you have a caddis, 16-18 you have a flying ant, and below is the spruce moth version.  The UG Bug's profile is super suggestive, it just looks like well, a little of everything.  

It floats great, is easily visible, the materials are few, cheap and versatile, and you can bang out a half dozen quickly.  Sounds like a winner!

Tie them up in different sizes and colors.  My favorite combos include: # 10-14 Sruce Moth, # 12-14 Olive and Tan Caddis, #14 Jack Cabe (See picture Below), #8-10 Skwala, and #6-8 Golden Stone  

You can check out a great video of John Stanish tying this pattern at the weekly fly - Stanish UG Bug

Spruce Moth

Recipe, Spruce Moth Version:
Jack Cabe
  • Hook: TMC 100 # 10-14
  • Thread: 140 Denier Brown UTC
  • Body: Tan 2 mm Foam
  • Underwing: Tan Poly Yarn
  • Overwing: Cinnamon Para Post
  • Legs: Speckled Tan/Brown Centipede Legs
  • Collar: Hare’s Ice Dubbing Hares Ear
  • Bullet Head: Tan 2mm Foam
Olive Caddis
Golden Stone

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