Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hot Off The Press - Montana Fly Fishing Magazine

Finally a magazine by Montana anglers, for Montana anglers.  If you haven't checked out the Montana Fly Fishing Magazine take a gander at http://montanaflyfishingmagazine.com/

This months issue features an article on the Stillwater River, which is my old home river.  The article was written by the great guide and owner of the Stillwater Anglers fly shop, Chris Fleck.  Also we have a great article on Rock Creek by fellow musician and Zoo City Aquarium Blog author, Bill Pfeiffer, plus much more.

What I love about Montana Fly Fishing Magazine is that each article is written by folks that live near and know these waters intimately.  You get a sense when you read this mag is that there is a no B.S. going on here.  The articles are honest, informative and fun to read.  Plus there is loads of fantastic photography.

Can't wait for the next issue.     

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  1. This magazine will surely be very helpful if you are planning a trip to Bozeman or any place in Montana, i spent my last holidays in Bozeman and believe me nothing is better than fly fishing.