Sunday, June 10, 2012

Your (Sometimes) Weekly Fly - Kory's Crayfish

Super guide and fly tyer Kory Kober has created many great patterns that are killer on his home waters of the Stillwater and Yellowstone in South Central Montana.  I got to know Kory well after living in Absarokee, MT for several years.  I would pick his mind often, and gained invaluable advice about fishing the Stillwater and the always fickle mid-lower Yellowstone.  You can check out some of his other commercially tied patterns at pacific fly - Kory Kober.    

The creation happens to be Kory's fantastic crayfish pattern and is unique in several ways versus what I have seen at many other fly shops.  Kory's cray successfully imitates a juvenile crayfish, which are a more olive/tan color and lack the gnarly claws the adults have.  Juvenile crayfish are preyed upon big time by trout, and are substantial meals.  This fly has enough weight to get down and it rides hook up, this makes it a great choice for tailing carp as well.

This pattern saved the day last week on the Smith River and resulted in many nice trout being caught on an otherwise tough day.  

Next time your out on the river, try a crayfish, you just might like the results.  Dead drift it, twitch it, slowly jig or strip it, I don't know, be creative.  

Sweet...  Almost to good to fish 
Perfect Profile

Eat Me!


  1. Certainly does look ready to be munched on! Where can one find the pattern material and tying instruction?

  2. Mel

    Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I am not totally sure about the materials and instructions but I know who does! You can contact Kory through the Stillwater Anglers fly shop at 1-855-785-5987 or visit

    Chris at the shop will be able to hook you up, they might have a few of these bugs in stock. If you like carp fishing you will LOVE this fly!