Monday, May 21, 2012

Your Weekly Fly - McKnight's Home Invader

Runoff is in full swing throughout the west.  Once we get some dropping water and a few feet of clarity the streamer game will be on.  In anticipation of this, here is your first of (hopefully) many weekly flies. 

Doug Mcknight (Livingston MT, fly tier, artist, and ninja guide), crafted this wicked streamer several years ago and is one of my go to patterns.  It is easy to tie, has super action and can be tied in any color,  size, and weight you desire.  I have caught every species of trout with it during every season.  Tie some up and get after it. 

Now, just waiting for 2 feet of visibility and that streamer green.

If you want more, shuffle on over to Doug McKnight's website:

Calling All Browns

Marabou, Fur, Flash, What More Do You Need?
Very Fishy

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  1. Looks tasty Bob. Lets get out together when you are in the valley next time.