Monday, May 28, 2012

Side Channels

This weekend we were blessed with some wonderfully crappy weather in Montana.  Now most folks would be bummed out looking out the window on their three day weekend and seeing clouds, rain, and temps in the 40's but not the streamer fisherman!  Cloud cover = browns in the mood to kill something.  I slammed the cold medicine (my yearly memorial day cold!), loaded up the streamer boxes and hit some of the Bitterroot's many fine side channels.

Something that makes the Bitterroot special, and a pain in the butt to figure out has to do with the endless amount of braids the river contains.  Any veteran Bitterrooter (is that a word?) knows when and where to fish, and that the river's big trout are often found in the side channels.  What can make the river so difficult much fun is that the big fish are always on the move. 

One week, a channel can give up several nice fish. The next week, change in flows, weather, who the heck knows what, and you are shooting blanks.  Some of these side channels really shine during our spring high water periods. A lot of fish are seeking to get out of the big flows in the main channel, and take up seasonal residence in the braids.  If you can hit it right, it can be lots of fun.

Get out and explore!  Enjoy the crappy pics.

Very Few Spots, Always Cool
Nice Streamer Eater, Beautiful Spots.
If You're Lucky You Can Find a Few of These!

The Home Invader Strikes Again.

Last but not Least

Have a Great Week!


  1. Awesome work Bob. I am jealous of the morel. Great find. Those were some nice brownies also!

    1. Thanks Zach. Nice pics as always on FCFT as well. When the salmonflies appear on the Root I will let you know. Maybe we can catch a few fish as well.