Thursday, May 17, 2012

A New Stick

Well I haven't managed to keep up with this blog very well in the past few weeks.  General craziness has pervaded the corners of my life which results in a lack of fishing, house cleaning, laundry etc..  That and leaving your camera in a tractor 150 miles away can't help either. 

Can't complain however, went to the Missoula Brewfest, and had a weekend at the Missouri recently. Complete with generous libations and lies on the Headhunters porch in Craig.  Plus lights out fishing the next day make for a good (however somewhat sleep deprived) time.  Now that my semester papers are in and the school year is winding down, fishing and photos may once again commence.

Speaking of that, a new member of the family has joined my stack of rods shoved into various corners of my house.  Finally I got a hold of a long wanted 4 weight.  Much thanks to Chuck Stranahan, the entomology guru, and fly tying Jedi, who owns a shop down in Hamilton for hooking me up with the new stick.

I got a smoking deal on a Yellowstone I, 8'6" 4 weight.  I'm sure not many know about this rod and it's maker, Jackson Cardinal Flies out of Jackson Hole Wyoming.  Well, to be brief all I can say is that this did not break my bank account (which is saying something!) and casts like a dream, in fact, better than some 400-500 rods I've thrown.  IM-8 graphic and nice hardware to boot.  Oh no, is this a gear review? I said I wouldn't do that. 

Can't wait to fish it, and if your interested in learning more about these rods you can check out, or shuffle on over to Chuck's shop in Hamilton to cast one.

Case Included!
Can't wait for Dry Flies

Wood real seat, very nice, very nice

 Plans are in the works for some weekend mountain lake recon, could be good.  Who knows, maybe I will actually get down to posting the weekend tunes, maybe more!

Hurray for summer! 

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