Friday, August 3, 2012

The Big Sky

Wow, it's been awhile since my last post and even longer since I've last been fishing.  Such is what happens during harvest season.  After 2 weeks of straight work I have a little break so expect some fishy related postings soon. 

Until then...

I never got what they meant by "Big Sky State" until I took a trip over to Central Montana.  After the first sunset it hit me, oh yeah, that's what they mean.  In the Western part of the state sure we have mountains, but it is nice to get a break from them once in a while and head east to the prairie.  Here you won't find many tourist traps, luxury resorts, or crazy folks in a hurry to get to a National Park.  No, here all you will find are family farms and truly good people, Salt of the Earth type folks. 

The prairie has it's own beauty albeit a different sort of beauty than the peaks of the Rockies.  Every August I make my annual pilgrimage over here to get refreshed and renewed, and do a little fishing, crowds not included.

Only "Big Sky" pics today.  Enjoy.  

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