Sunday, August 19, 2012

From the Sky - Tenkara

Tenkara, have you tried it?

Tenkara (Which translates "from heaven" or "from the skies") is the traditional Japanese method of fly fishing which incorporates a long flexible rod with a fixed line on the end, and no reel.  The first time I heard of Tenkara was when I first met Craig Mathews of Blue Ribbon flies.  Craig told me about this amazing new way of fishing, at first I was skeptical but I ordered a rod anyway.

My first rod was a 12ft. Iwana from Tenkara USA.  Yes you heard it right, it's 12ft. long.  By the way if you are at all interested in Tenkara, please check out Tenkara USA they have all of the information and gear you will ever need. 

The Tenkara method is hundreds of years old which has given it time to prove it's effectiveness.  When I unpacked my rod I didn't know what I was getting into, as soon as I fished it, I knew.  The long rod (and keeping the tip high), allows you to fish pocket water like you never thought possible.  There's no more mending, dragging flies, tricky drifts.  Nothing is off limits, you can hit ever pocket, every seam.  Sound like fun?

 If you enjoy fishing small water, give Tenkara a try, I can guarantee you will be glad you did.  Enjoy the pics from a few recent Tenkara outings on one of my favorites waters.  

Who Needs a Reel?

Beautiful Native
A Favorite Water.  A Favorite Way to Fish.
Insert Shameless Plug:  Tenkara USA's rods are awesome!
After just one time out on my favorite creek fishing Tenkara, my 3 weight western rod has been collecting a lot of dust.  You'd think a long rod would make fishing tight water more difficult, that's what I thought.  Truth be told it's exactly the opposite once you get used to the length of the rod.         

Westslope Perfection

Chuck's Trude in Action
The End

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