Friday, August 24, 2012

Signs of Fall - Hecubas

It's that time again.  It hit me today.  The sun had that look to it, the wind had a little bite tonight.  The forecast calls for lows into the 30's.  Fall, it's on it's way.

The beginning of the sweet season is almost here.  What triggers that thought is different for everyone.  Is it the shorter days, the need for a jacket in the morning, elk bugling, birds headed south, Hunting season, the start of school, football season?

For the angler, the fall fishing shift begins subtly.  Water temps start to drop, the streamer bite begins heating up, and are fall bugs begin to appear.

One of the first of the "Fall" bugs at least in my mind is the Hecuba.  A relative of the venerable Green Drake, Hecubas begin to show themselves just as we start the slow shift into fall fishing mode.  These big mayflies, though rarely numerous, never the less make an impression on the trout, and for me signal the time to start stocking the boxes for the fall mahogany, baetis, and october caddis hatches, as well as load up on the streamers...

It's almost here, I'm ready.  Come on fall.

Hecuba Dun (i think).

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