Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dry Days are Here - Happy Spring!

Yes they are.  It's a busy week so here's a haphazardly slapped together collection of  fish pictures from the past few days.  All of these fish ate the dry. 

Long story short.  The dry fly fishing at times has been good, and for brief moments, very good. 

The trout are looking up, birds are returning, tulips are emerging, and the grass is getting greener everyday.

Happy first day of spring.  Hope you get to spend it on the water, unlike me.

Cutthroat Spots

Love that gill plate

Midge eater
All Smiles

And another
Peace out bobbers strike indicators.  It was nice knowing you.


  1. Beautiful, Robert, just beautiful fish. Not much activity down my way yet, but, my fish will come!

  2. Robert thanks for sharing! Beautiful fish!
    Fish on!