Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fast Times on the Mo' Part 2

So in case you missed part 1, here's the link.  Fast Times on the Mo' Part 1.  This post may make more sense if you read it.  Or not.  Not quite sure if my posts ever make sense.... 

6:30 PM: Time to shed the leaky waders and partake in the evenings many events.  The first and foremost being that of sampling the fine variety of Tombstone Pizza and hot sauce collection at Joe's.  The hot sauce treats some more favorably than others. 

7:30-9:30ish PM:  Glad to have enough wood for a lengthy fire.  The flames warm the extremities and provide the focal point for the nights entertainment which goes something like this... 1. There's talk of fishing. 2. "Thunder Cat" Caleb brags about his freestyle rapping prowess, I challenge him to a lengthy rap battle, he wins.  Just gotta say, that kid is a lyrical assassin.  3. More talk of fishing. 4. I counter the sting of defeat by belting out every Michael Jackson song I know, which happens to be a substantial number.  5. The more musically inclined of the bunch join in. 6. More talk of fishing. 7. Look at pictures of fishing. 8. Lie about fishing. 

And so on and so on...     

10:00PM:  It begins to rain and blow.  We run for cover.  Natures way of saying it's time to go to bed.

Craig, MT fireworks show
Day 2

8:30 AM: Wake-up.  Feast on a gourmet breakfast of PB and J sandwiches, black coffee, granola bars and half stale doughnuts.  Garrett, who is apparently the only prepared guy in the bunch, toasts bagels over the fire and serves them up with cream cheese.  I try to convince myself that my day old sandwich, granola bars and said doughnuts are just as good.  Somehow I don't think they were.

9:30 AM:  Step into my soggy waders, this does what the coffee had until this point failed to do.  Break camp.  Load up the boats, rods and other gear and set sail one more time.

10:30 AM: We continue to nymph up fish.  Different day, same story.  Pink, pink, pink, midge, pink, pink, scud, etc...

11:30 AM: Start seeing a few heads up.  Rig up the dry rods, hope for the best.  Chris, Garrett, and I all manage to stick fish on top.  Our collective first dry fly fishes of 2013.  It feels really good to not be staring at bobbers indicators for a while.  This is why after all, you come to the Mo', for a chance at a big selective fish.  It's nice be rewarded, even just a little bit.

First top side trout of 2013

1:00 PM:  The forecasted snowstorm finally rolls in and brings with it a stiff west wind.  This shuts down the dry fly bite and our will to push on.  The decision is made to pack it in and get out of dodge.  This decision turns out to be a good one.

Hey guys, have you seen my ________?
Summary: It was during this very weekend last year that I had to good fortune of running into Zach, Stan, Alec, Caleb, and a few others in the Craig campground.  Since that time I have had the luck of getting to know these fishy fellows better, and have had the privilege of fishing with them a time or two.  This years President's Day weekend bash turned out to be even bigger and better than last years.  It's always great to be around a bunch of good guys who don't take things to seriously, can tell a good joke, laugh, and flat out catch fish.  I think plans are already being made for next year.  Until then. 

And now you know, as Paul Harvey would say.  "The Rest of the Story." 

What keeps you coming back.


  1. Keep them coming.........

  2. Lovin' that last picture! Your red cast really makes the color of that gill plate pop! Beautiful fish

  3. Always a pleasure to live vicariously and share your fish!