Sunday, February 10, 2013

Been Fishin' Lately?

Yes I have in fact. 

However it's been a whirlwind couple of weeks.  Between breaking a finger, wrecking my car, and a host of other things which I will not trouble you all with, I managed to squeeze in some fishing.

How's is been?  Darn good if you ask me.  The unseasonably warm February temps have the trout on the feed.  It's a great time to be in Western Montucky.  Everyday the sun gets a little higher, warmer, and the days get longer.  Even saw a pair of red wing blackbirds yesterday.  They must know something's up.

Yeah, about this time every year it becomes palpable that winter's days are numbered.  I'm okay with that.

How to sum up the last two weeks of fishing?  Stripped streamers and were rewarded.  Threw nymphs and were rewarded.  Saw a bunch of new water.  Dusted off the raft.  Fished a lot with Alec of the blog Where The Water Leads.  Managed to cast left handed.  Brown trout acting unusually careless.  Missed most of the Superbowl but didn't care.  Caught fish, a lot of fish, and respectable ones to.

So below is the random assortment of fish pictures I'm calling a post, using the spare 15 minutes I have had this weekend.

Alec with a solid brown

Fishy Friend, and Guide Phil.  Hooked Up under Clear Blue Skies.
Pay dirt.  Phil's Dragon.
Strippin' and Trippin'.
Madame Brown.
Peace Out Girl Scout.
Alec with a Chunky Monkey.


  1. If you've got any time this week and need someone to row, you let me know! I'll even supply the boat.
    Jeff Picard

    1. Jeff,

      I would love to fish with you sometime. I will be in touch.

  2. Excellent work, Bob. Way to make some sweet lemonade.

  3. Amazing fish and thanks for sharing the beautiful images!