Monday, October 22, 2012

Meat Eaters

This weekend Alec from Fly Fishing Life and I headed out for a day of streamer chucking on the river.  We were hoping to find a few carnivorous browns and boy we did!  After a slow start to the day, the kill switch was turned on and the big boys started to hunt.  One of the better afternoons of streamer fishing I've had in a while.    

Oh yeah, and Alec got this dragon, one of the biggest browns I've seen all year.  Not a bad day I'd say.

kype jawed brown trout
Yeah Buddy!

brown trout close up
 Did I mention that the morning was slow?  For several hours we failed to touch more than a couple fish, we were feeling a little low.  The sun was high in the sky, it certainly didn't feel like a streamer sort of day. Then like a switch was flipped, the browns all decided to start crushing streamers.  In what we likely will forever call "the magic run," on my second cast a nice hen pounded my J.J. Special.  Five casts latter we had landed five solid fish.  After that it was game on for the rest of the afternoon.  In every likely looking spot we either stuck a fish, had a grab, or at the least got a follow.

Getting in on some of the action.
  There was nothing subtle about the eats either.  I experienced some of the most violent takes I've had streamer fishing.  The best grab, interestingly enough, came from a 14 inch cutthroat, he almost jolted the rod right out of my hand.  Fun stuff.

The Colors of Fall
I love the colors of the fall browns, the reds, golds, blacks, blues, and everything in between.  It looks like they just jumped straight out of an old technicolor movie.  These aren't your chromed spring fish, there are few things prettier in fly fishing than a fall brown.

Bitterroot Mountains
What a Day
The Zen Master at Work
Montana Brown Trout
One More Grip and Grin for Good Measure
Brown Trout Release
See You Latter


  1. What a day Bob! Let's get back at it soon!

  2. Gorgeous. Looks like a perfect day out on the water!

  3. What state are you streamer fishing in super pics of the Browns and foilage.

  4. Hey, just found your blog through Alec's! More beautiful pictures. I love "The Zen Master at Work". Nice catches too! Dang! Looks like I need to get over to Montana to do some fly fishing!

    1. Thanks Kim. You can't go wrong fishing over here this time of year.

  5. What a rush! Doubt it could get any better than this.

    1. Hard to imagine it could. We will see...