Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Photos

It's the best time of the year in Montana.

Even though the Baetis didn't materialize with the cloud cover this weekend, all was not lost.  Stripped streamers and managed to stick a few on dries anyway.  You can't beat a day on the river in October.  The cottonwoods are putting on a show, there are plenty of osprey and eagles to look at, and even a bull moose a few yards from the takeout.   

Hope you are enjoying it.

This is what we came for
Golden leaves on the lower Root'
Hey There
Kyle throws it right.
Moose on the loose
Fall, get it while it lasts


  1. Beautiful, just beautiful, Robert! Fall is my favorite time of the year to be on the water or in the great outdoors.

  2. Hey there! That is my friends and I in the boat pic. Great day finished off by the moose appearance. Beautiful pics... Cheers!

    1. Thanks! it was nice running into you guys on the river. Maybe we will meet again.