Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Why I Live Here

Big Sky Country is a great place to live.  Sure, you get a bit spoiled sometimes.  When was the last time you kept on driving because you saw one car at the access you were planning to fish at? 

For me It's hard to imagine living anywhere else.  When you drive down a back road in this state people wave.  The word neighbor still means something.  Folks tend be the hard working, honest kind. 

For me Montana really is about the spots off the beaten path.  The towns with one or two cafe's, three bars, and seven churches.  I enjoy the rivers that you will never really find in many magazines, sure they get pressure, sure they have guides on them.  Day in, day out however, it's a locals game, love it.

Montana I gotta say, is best experienced on a dirt road.  The following pictures represent some of my travels from the past year.  Most if not all the shots are "off the beaten path" so to speak, lets hope they stay that way.

You gotta love trout for one thing.  They just have a hard time not living in pretty place.  Am I right? 

Big Sky Sunset

Dusk on the ______________ River.

We Got Rock

Can't Beat the View.

 Yellow Belly Marmot, this was shot was without zoom.  Fearless little bugger.

 Beaver Slide's in the Big Hole Valley.

Because there has to be a fish picture in there somewhere!

More to follow in a few day, maybe...

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  1. Bob, just started following your blog in the last day or so. Your right, Montana, is awesome. Over the years, I have enjoyed many a good day of fishing in Big Sky country. Looking forward to reading your future posts. Please consider adding my blog to a blog roll on your blog and I will do the same on mine with your blog!