Monday, April 16, 2012

Really, Another Fishing Blog?

Oh no, not another fly fishing blog!  Yep, sorry.  Don't worry there will not be any gear reviews, long winded articles, or really anything else of value worth reading to be found here.  If you want to some valuable insider information, secret locations, useful fly patterns or proper grammar, I might not be able to help you there.

No, here at Bum Trout you will likely not find any great grip and grins from far flung locales, no exotic species, or anything of that nature.

This blog is meant to be a collection of my time spent wandering around Montana's rivers and lakes, big and small, famous and not so famous, chasing trout in a great place that I am lucky to call home.  I hope you will find the posts yet to come interesting and worth a look.  

Thanks for the visit and please feel free to comment!

Here are a few shots, spring fishing is winding up in the Rockies, great snow pack, fish are hungry.

Life is good.


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