Sunday, June 1, 2014

I'm Still Here

I am alive. 

Blogs tend to go through a hibernation period every once and a while.  However just like the grizzly bears here in Montana, after the long slumber I'm once again up and running, and ready to spread more nonsensical misinformation about fly fishing through the intellectual wasteland known as the inter-web.

Just like the proverbial phoenix in Igor Stravinky's Firebird, Bum Trout will too rise from it's own ashes and once again take it's place as one of the most preeminent  mediocre fly fishing blogs on the planet.  Self-aggrandizing aside, it feels good to be back, to have time to be back.  Teaching, school, coaching a high school sport, tying flies, and teaching saxophone lessons has left the blog feeling thoroughly neglected.  I did however have one or two of you out there ask where the heck I was and when, if ever, I was ever going to post again.  To those folks, thank you for caring.

Anyways, two months later here I am.  I promise to post some more this summer.  Some new stuff is in the works.  Promise.

Big Bitterroot Brown From a Few Weeks Back

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