Friday, January 17, 2014

What Gives Me Hope

Chock up another victory for the masses.  Clink the link to read the whole story. Montana Supreme Court Affirms Stream Access

The Montana Supreme Court once again did the right thing and upheld our right to access OUR rivers and streams.  Hopefully this decision will put to put the kibosh on any future challenges.  We'll have to see.  You can sure of one thing however, if there is something good out there that everyone loves, someone will try to ruin it.  As long as there stands to be a boat load of money to be made (by the select few) by privatizing water in this state we will have to remain vigilant.

Until then, we can celebrate this victory and thank the folks at The Public Land and Water Access Association  for defending our right to access rivers and streams such as the Ruby River.  Something that Montanans have been doing since we were a territory.  I think we should also applaud the Montana Supreme Court for seeing through the shabby arguments of James Cox Kennedy and his"we'll do anything for a buck" band of lawyers.  Sorry for the soapbox diatribe, I just get fired up about this stuff.    

It's great when the good guys win one.  I guess there is hope for the world after all.

It belongs to everyone.

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