Saturday, August 3, 2013


Sorry for the absence.  It's been a busy summer.
This year, a longtime dream was finally realized.  I took the leap and became a bona fide Montana fly fishing guide.  Being my first go around I wasn't sure what this summer would hold.  However two-thirds through it, I can say I've been having a blast.  I've been blessed with some wonderful clients, many greats days on the water, and have stayed surprisingly busy.  Remarkably, despite my best efforts, my folks have managed to catch quite a few fish also.  After a few months, I can say I am really enjoying this guiding thing. 

I have to give much thanks to my Outfitter/Mentor Jed at Sula Mountain Fly Fishing, and Chuck, owner of Chuck Stranahan's Fly Shop in Hamilton for setting me up and giving me the opportunity to learn the craft.       

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  1. That is awesome news... Good luck on your new adventure!