Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sometimes You Get it Right

Most of the time I don't. 

The majority of my excursions up and down the many braids and side channels of the Bitterroot have me coming back empty handed.  Once in a while you find a few willing fish.  Sometimes maybe even a big one.

If you are really lucky, they eat dry flies.  Sometimes you really get it right.

Skinny water hopper eater.
Today happened to be one of those days.  A little research (don't you love Google Earth?), a few miles in the boat, and another on foot got me into some nice looking water.  Don't get me wrong, I've done this many times before with less than stellar results. 

Today however, the trout wanted the hopper, by happens stance I had one they wanted.  And a few of those fish happened to be respectable.

Bitterroot Brown - A Handful of Gold
Now the Bitterroot is my home river, but in no way do I have it figured out.  It's a fickle mistress as many folks will tell you, more so than many rivers around our area.  Today however the fish were up, and just about every cast in the right spot got bit.  Not sure why, water temps? weather?

Nothin' but Bow'
 Later in the day I floated past another side channel headed off from the main river.  Not much water, but enough?  Enough for a big brown?  Maybe, just maybe.  Chances are it will be a nature walk, but you never know.

Sometimes you get it right. 



  1. Superb day. Great looking fish. You got it right!