Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Films - Great White North Edition

When you enter the words "Canada" and "Fly Fishing" into the search engine, you expect to find some great things.  I was certainly not disappointed as this week's films are all particularly good if I say so myself.

Our neighbors to the north certainly have some great rivers and fish to boot.  Definitely makes me want to load up the silver bullet (my '93 Subaru wagon) and head towards the arctic circle.  At least in Canada I can get a bag of Lays all dressed flavored chips.  If you have never had a bag of these miracles, I tell you what, you can't begin to imagine what you're are missing out on.  Why they don't sell these in the states, I'll never know.

My potato chip obsession aside.  This week we have great stuff from the Elk River Watershed, big bullies and cuts chomping dries.  Quality material from Faceless Fly Fishing.  Bow River action from Dub a Fly.  Jumbo sized bull trout from the very Humblefisherman.  And the icing on Lord Stanley's Cup, a remarkable film from Andrew Hardingham.  A story of cane rods, family, and one of the grandest fish that swims, the steelhead.

Hope you enjoy.  I think I'm going watch my old VHS copy of Strange Brew and then crank up some classic Brian Adams.

Much love Canada, keep it comin'.

Dry Fly Heaven from Jah Raven Creation on Vimeo.

Here - Faceless - Fly Fishing from FACELESS FLY FISHING MEDIA on Vimeo.

Go Hard or Go Home from Dub A Fly on Vimeo.

A Steelhead Family - Official HD video 3.1 from Andrew Hardingham on Vimeo.

The Humblefisherman series - The Bull Trout of Bigfoot Country from The Humblefisherman on Vimeo.

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