Assorted Fly Patterns

Cheech's Leech articulated streamer

Materials - Olive Version
  • Two #4 2x long streamer hooks such as the Tiemco 5262
  • Olive Polar Chenille
  • Olive Simi Seal dubbing
  • Any .38mm, 15lb. nylon coated stainless steel micro-wire such as Flex-Rite (available at most craft and bead shops).
  • Two clear orange or red 6mm plastic beads
  • .25 lead or non-lead wire
  • 7/32” 1/30oz plated lead eyes
  • Olive/green barred Sili Legs
  • Olive marabou

The Finished Product

Two Minute Fox Squirrel Nymph


- Hook:  Any nymph hook you prefer, I like standard length hooks.  You can tie these guys in really any size, but I tend to fish them most in sizes 14-18.
- Bead (optional): Brass or tungsten, sized to fit the hook.
- Tail: Fox Squirrel tail guard hairs.  Fox Squirrel tails are cheap and most fly tying outlets carry them.
- Abdomen: Feather-Craft Custom Dubbing Blend for the Red Fox Squirrel Nymph.  This is much easier than blending by hand!  Get the mix at Feather-Craft.
- Rib: Small gold tinsel or small gold wire, doesn't really matter what you use.
- Thorax: Fox Squirrel tail under-hair and guard hair.    

Poorly Written Instructions

 1. Put on your bead and wrap the hook with thread.
2. Cut off a small clump of hair from a Fox Squirrel tail and pick out the under-hair.  Do this by holding the long guard hairs in one hand and pulling on the underfur with the other.
3. Tye on the tail, keep it short and sparse.
4. Tie on your ribbing material
5. Dub the abdomen with the dubbing blend.  The skinnier the better, most nymphs are skinny, trust me on this one.
6. Rib the abdomen.  A couple of wraps will do the trick.  Tie off and cut the ribbing.
7. Take a small clumb of tail fur, guard hairs and all, and dub a small shaggy thorax.  I usually don't worry about making a dubbing loop, it works just fine when you dub it normally, just don't twist your dubbing too tight.  Brush back the guard hairs as you dub the thorax and it will be nice and shaggy like you want it.
8. Whip finish.
9. Tie some more.

Fox Squirrel Nymph
Trout Candy

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